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Our Services

Payroll Services

  • Setup your staff or contractors in the payroll system

  • Make sure everyone gets paid the right amount on time each month

  • Manage salaried and hourly workers

  • Help you implement digital time tracking systems

  • Do holiday pay calculations

  • Do your government remittance reporting & filing

  • Manage your compliance obligations

  • Reconcile your payroll

Bookkeeping Services

  • Input all your revenue and expenses into an accounting system

  • Categorize receipts so that you can pull reports that provide you insight into your income, spending and profitability

  • Reconcile your bank and credit card statements against your individual receipts and invoices 

  • Manage your accounts receivables (generating invoices, managing reminders and payments) and your payables

Taxes & Year End Reporting

  • Calculate and file your business and payroll taxes (including, HST/GST and WSIB)

  • Prepare a year-end reporting package for your accountant to be able to do an efficient year-end

Business Consulting

  • Budgeting and Projections

  • Business plan

  • Strategic Planning

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